Gary Haywood
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"Gary (Bubba) Haywood"


              This memorial website was created in love to
honor and celebrate the life of
"Gary (Bubba) Haywood"
Who was born in Alabama on March 31, 1958
And soared
To the Heavens on September 18, 2001
At the age of 43.
We will love, remember and
Cherish Him




We ALL miss you, Bubba -

more than any words can adquately convey. 

One day soon we will

ALL be together again.

What a glorious thing to look forward to.

From Our hearts with immense love,

Patty, Roger, Shane, Chris, Casey, Bubba, Dalton, Mom


Mom & Dad in Texas,

and ALL of your friends & family.



If we could have a lifetime wish
A dream that would come true,
We'd pray to God with all our hearts
For yesterday and You.
A thousand words can't bring you back
We know because we've tried...
Neither will a thousand tears
We know because we've cried...
You left behind our broken hearts
And happy memories too...
But we never wanted memories
We only wanted You.

~ unknown author


And if I go, while you are still here . . .
Know that I live on
Vibrating to a different measure
behind a thin veil that you cannot see through.
You will not see me, so you must have faith.
I wait for the time, when we can soar together again
both aware of each other.
Until then, live your life to the fullest,
And when you need me, Just whisper my name in your
heart . . .
I will be there.


"It is not a slight thing, when they
who are so fresh from God,
love us."

~ mary englebreit



 "Life is not measured by the number of breaths
we take, but by the moments that
take our breath away."

- unknown 











Reach up to the heavens with arms open wide
Take hold of its beauty, breathe it inside
Take in its majesty, memorize its grand views
Engulf its bright lights and magnificent hues

Look above the aged trees that touch the sky
And listen to the whispers of the mourning cry
Listen through the whirring breezes and you can hear the names
Sobbing with great heartache, crying out with such pains
Names of all loved ones with silent prayers unsaid
Echoing with profoundness inside my head

And now the sun burns in my ears your sweet voice
Saying don't thirst for what once was, this is the Lord's choice
Now I know there's beauty below, but up here there's no compare
There's no pain, no heartache, there's no despair
You can lay your head upon the angel's knee
And know no pain, just filled with such glee

I know you miss me, I miss you too
But I'm sending an angel to watch over you
The angel will let you know I'm always near
To ease your heartache and wipe your tears
And the next time you reach up to the heavens above
You'll feel the kiss of all my love

So please don't let the grief consume your soul
And remember through God, you too can be whole
And when you think you can no longer stand
I'm up here in heaven with God, waiting to take hold of your hand
So listen beyond the whispers of the mourning and you'll see
I'm with the Lord our God
I'm finally free.


Bubba & Dalton @ Christmas

I may never see tomorrow;
there's no written guarantee
And things that happened yesterday
Belong to history.

I cannot predict the future
I cannot change the past
I have just the present moments
I must treat them as my last.
I must use this moment wisely
for it soon will pass away
And be lost forever
As part of yesterday.

I must exercise compassion
Help the fallen to their feet
Be a friend unto the friendless
Make an empty life complete.

The unkind things I do today
May never be undone
And friendships that I fail to win
May nevermore be won.

I may not have another chance
On bended knee to pray
And I thank God with a humble heart
For giving me this day.

~Author Unknown~ 

Did you know you were brave?
Did you know you were strong?
Did you know there was one leaning hard?
Did you know that I waited, and listened and prayed?
And was cheered by your simplest word.
Did you know that I longed for the smile on your face?
For the sound of your voice ringing true,
Did you know I grew stronger and better because
"I had merely touched shoulders with you."







Home, Sweet Home ~ Mt. Juliet, Tenneessee

           Patty with Bubba ~    Bubba & Bryan    



Thank you, Luke, for the

hilarious toilet paper story you shared with us ~

We all laughed

until we cried.

Thank you forreminding us of the  memories

we will always cherish.

( see tributes and condolences )

This is my only Son,


What I enjoyed the most in my life was

cheering on our football team.

 It was always go


and Vanderbilt !!

When the Tennessee Vols would win against Vanderbilt,

I would call you and sing Rocky Top--


 Remember the super bowl party in Atlanta? 

 What a blast we had!   


about the Indianapolis trip to


 "The Titans?" 

There was

No place to sit at the resturant before

the game, so You

Went over to a table full of

 Colts fans. 

 They got tired of
talking to You so they left,

but You got us a


Thanks, BUBBA!


Bubba Loved Races,



 Fishing was another sport Bubba












Please light a candle

In  the Memory of

our prescious

Each memory will become

a treasure for us.


Gracious thanks ,

  The Lovell Family


Remember Me

Song by Deanna Edwards

Remember me whenever you see a sunrise,
Remember me whenever you see a star,

Remember me whenever you see a rainbow
Or woods in autumn colors from afar.
Remember me whenever you see the roses
Or seagulls sailing high in a sky of blue.
Remember me whenever you see waves
Shining in the sun.
And remember, I'll be remembering you!
Remember me whenever you see a teardrop,
Or meadows still wet with the morning dew.

Remember me whenever you feel love
Growing in your heart.

And remember,

I'll be remembering


"Some people come into our lives and quickly go.

Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our


And we are never, ever the same."


Mom & Daddy

In Texas

 Daddy with BJ






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His legacy

Bubba was the beloved son of Oscar and Marie Haywood,loving grandson of the late Bernard and Ola Mae Haywood, as well as the late Gladys Vail and Theadore Waggoner. He made his home in Nashville Tennessee. He has a son Bryan Michael, born on October 31, 1978. He was a bright moment in everyone's life who really knew him. He was loving, patient, kind, and helpful to everyone.He loved dogs, plants, Titans Football,and Nascar Racing. He also knew how much he was loved but never knew what a beautiful person he was. His memory will always be in our hearts and our loss is Heavens gain.

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Bubba out in North Dakota
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